How It Works

Puppy Paw Network works two different ways depending on if you are a puppy breeder or a consumer. A puppy breeder joins the site in order to list their puppy for sale and connect with buyers. A consumer joins the site to follow breeders and find a puppy. To learn more about how Puppy Paw Network works, please choose if you are a breeder or a consumer from the options below.

How it works for a breeder…

Step 1: Create an Account

Creating a Breeder Account with Puppy Paw Network is only $20.00/month for full access to breeder functions. Make a breeder account and give as much accurate information as you can about your kennel and breed program. Once you have finished creating your account, it will then take you to your Personal Account Dashboard.

Step 2. List your Puppy

Now that your profile is set up, now you can start listing puppies. Click on the ‘List Your Puppy’ tab and start filling out the information for your listing. Remember list only ONE puppy per ad. The more information about your puppy and the more images of your puppy, the better.

Benefits of joining Puppy Paw Network

  • Unlimited number of listings per month
  • Buyers can contact you directly (no middle man)
  • Puppy recognition on our Facebook and Instagram
  • Online friendly customer support
  • We offer breeder website advertisement
  • Custom breeder profile page
  • Customers and Breeders can Bookmark their favorite breeders and puppies for later!
  • We monitor closely to stop puppy SCAMMERS
  • Easily restore listings you have deleted but you would like to relist

How it works for a consumer…

Step 1: Create an Account

Creating an account is simple and completely FREE! We created Puppy Paw Network so finding your perfect puppy was simple and easy. In order to browse Puppy Paw Network, you are not required to create an account. However, if you do, you will have access to many more features within our site.

Benefits of creating an account on Puppy Paw Network

  • Bookmark your favorite breeders and puppies for later!
  • Favorite your preferred breeders to keep an eye on newly listed puppies
  • Easy multi-selection search feature to help find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Free browsing
  • Stay up-to-date on new features and blog postings

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