How to optimize your breeder profile & puppy listings

We have put together a list on how to optimize your breeder profile & puppy listings while also giving customers great user experience.

Breeder Profile

1. When you set up your breeder’s profile, be sure to always include the following contact information:

  1. Breeder name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Location

2. Don’t pass on adding a profile picture to your Breeder’s profile!

This can not be stressed enough. This is important because your future customers will want to see who you are. It makes you more personal and gives a face to your profile. Customers may be more likely to reach out if they see a friendly face attached to the profile. Make sure you choose a good quality photo and one that is not blurry or too dark. If you don’t want to use a photo of yourself another great option would be a family photo, photo of your kennel, or a photo of any of the puppies you’ve bred.

3. Biographical info., always give this information.

This is how your future customers get to know more about you as a breeder. Examples might include:

  1. How long you have been breeding puppies
  2. What breeds you specialize in (this may seem obvious in your puppy listings, but it’s great to reiterate it here)
  3. What living environments you provide for your puppies
  4. Any other related expertise or experience

4. Details matter and it is important to be as detailed as you can.

Many times these are the things your potential customers want to know anyway. The more information you add will help Google find your listing when potential customers search the Internet for puppies like yours.

5. Do you have a website? Are you on any social media platforms?

At Puppy Paw Network we allow you to link to all of your online platforms from your profile page because we know your website and social media pages might have even more information about you and what you do. We want to allow consumers access to as much information as possible about breeders they are interested in. Take advantage of this when you set up your profile.

Puppy Listings

1. It is important to add as much information as you can on your individual puppy listings. Always take the time to add the following puppy information:

  1. Name. (Always give your puppy a unique and memorable name!)
  2. Breed
  3. Generation
  4. Gender
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Location (This can be a general city and state – it allows consumers to know generally how far you are from them if they are looking for a local listing.)
  7. Coat color
  8. Any Extras
  9. Any “Includes” options
  10. Shipping methods
  11. Price

2. This may seem obvious, but always add images of your puppy! Consumers will not be interested in puppies they can’t see. Tips on adding the best photos possible:

Try to add 4 different photos of your puppy:
  1. Overall body shot
  2. Close up of their face
  3. Show off their coat colors
  4. Compose something fun and cute!
Always make sure you have good lighting on your puppy. Here are some lighting tips:
  1. Never place your lighting behind your puppy or your images will be backlit and less flattering.
  2. Try to use natural soft lighting if possible, but using flash is ok if it is a must.
  3. When the weather is nice, consider taking your photos outdoors. Outdoor lighting is always great
  4. Make sure your images are always clear and never blurry.

3. Give a fun description of your puppy!

The more your puppy buyers know about the personality of their new potential family member, the better. Do they have a favorite treat? Are they active? Do they have any special personality traits that have come out as they have grown? Any information to help give your puppy a personality and make it memorable, the better!

4. Do you have a YouTube channel?

Adding a video to your listing is a great way to allow your puppy buyers to see your puppies in action. You can add Youtube video links to our listings or if you don’t have a YouTube channel, we can add your videos for you! Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on how to add a video to your puppy listing. Everyone loves puppy videos!

Overall, whether you are putting together your breeder profile page or a puppy listing, be specific. Make your information and listings fun and give your potential puppy buyers as much information as possible! This not only improves user experience, but it will help your page and Puppy Paw Network be found by Google and other search engines!

This article was written by Ashely Foglesong and Teresa Campbell, professional breeders.

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