Gorgeous Dumplin is a stunning lavender and tan short coat baby girl with the most spectacular build. She's short legged cobby bodied and has an amazing apple head. She's got just a hint of a white blaze on her head. This precious girl is going to be beautiful and I am very happy to keep her if she doesn't find her home. She will be ready for her new home around January 15! Now accepting reservations! Our babies are raised in our home where they are loved pampered and given the attention they need 24/7 making them social happy well-adjusted pups that fit well into almost any home environment. All pups are started on paper training and crate training and many are well into their training when they go home. Each puppy has had vaccinations and and a full worming schedule before leaving. All of our babies are registerable and we provide a one-year health warranty and lifetime support for each one. In addition our website is a wonderful source of information for our new owners and all Chihuahua lovers. We offer air transport weather permitting at the lowest possible rate as well as other forms of transport at varying times based on need and availability. Rates do vary depending on the season and the method of transport we need to use but we always do our best to get your puppy to you at the lowest possible cost. Financing may be available to some users through PayPal Credit. More pictures and videos are available on our website or by request. So feel free to visit our website at visit our website or to call (no text please) or email Shayna for more information about little Dumplin!
Breed: Chihuahua
Date of birth: 11/20/2022
Gender: Female
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Blue
Cost includes shipping: No



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