Farley is a 100% pure SMART goofball!! I swear he is 2 weeks older than he actually is but I was right there when he was born so I know that's not possible! He's very advanced compared to his other siblings and always has been. He is scary smart...he truly is. I wish I could explain how advanced he's always been. My husbands probably tired of hearing it! lol But he's a goofy fluffy love ball with BEAUTIFUL eyes who wants nothing more than for you to watch him & play with him! I have tons more photos & will take new videos if you'd like to see more of him or any puppy! All of our puppies are GPS microchipped so you'll never lose them no matter how far they might stray away. They will all have a one year (from birth) health guarantee. They’ll also come with a very detailed shot record, paperwork, a nice cozy blanket that has Mom's, siblings, and my scent on it, & lots of goodies! All of our puppies are registered with ASDR & APRI. We do not raise our prices or restrict breeding rights at all. Our puppies are living great lives coast to coast! We work with a handful of very trusted transporters that have delivered our puppies. I will work to get all of that arranged for you if needed. My husband & I have never received a complaint & we would really like to share our babies with you! I'm happy to talk about him or any of our puppies if you're interested! We're also on Facebook "Southern Dogs Kennel". Feel free to text, call, message, Facebook message to get ahold of me anytime!
Date of birth: 10/08/2022
Gender: Male
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Black, Brown, White
Shipping: Air, Delivery, Ground
Cost includes shipping: No



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