Harley Greta's F1

These pups come from a great lineage of GSP’s and have the attitude and personality to prove it. The mother, Greta, has an impressive pedigree, and is AKC registered. She has a strong point, and is a close working dog in the field. The sire, Lefty, is one of our “Top Dogs”. He has very impressive bloodlines and is showing that potential in the field. He has excelled with everything we expect him to do, and then some! He is a short to mid ranging dog, with an excellent nose, strong point, and great retrieving instincts. He is also great with other dogs and loves to be part of the family. These pups will show great potential in the field, as they already have older siblings excelling on upland hunts. These pups are very social, and have been around kids, other dogs, and even cats, and have done great around them all. If you are looking for a great companion with the ability to please you in the field as well, I would encourage your consideration for this litter. Thanks!
Date of birth: 01/06/2023
Gender: Female
Generation: Purebred
Shipping: Air, Delivery, Ground
Cost includes shipping: No
San Angelo,


San Angelo,

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