Orion AstroPoodle

Orion is moyen-sized and the best way to describe his coloring is to say that he's a dark strawberry blonde! If you're not sure what "moyen" means, it's the fourth size of poodles recognized in Europe. He would be considered a small standard here in the US. His mother and father are on-site (our personal pets). Dad weighs 25 lbs and Mom weighs 40 lbs. Both parents have been Embark tested and cleared of genetic defects. He's a very healthy fur baby who loves to run and jump. He'd love to jump into your arms if you make him a member of your family!
Breed: Poodle
Date of birth: 05/30/2022
Gender: Male
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Apricot, Red
Cost includes shipping: No



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