Sassy 2023 M2

PUPPIES INCLUDE A NEW OWNER PUPPY CLASS & LIFETIME SUPPORT Dewormer ​Deworming weekly (2-7) with Pyrantel Pamoate. Deworming at 8 weeks with Ivermectin, 3 days. Every 2 weeks after that. Coccidia preventative TOLTRAZURIL 5%- a single dose of Toltrazuril prevents and cures coccidiosis in puppies. VACCINATIONS Nobivac Intra-Trac 3- Protects against Bordetella, canine parainfluenza virus, and canine adenovirus type 2 (at 3 weeks) NeoPar- Maximum Protection against Parvovirus- Contains a High Antigen Mass (at 4 weeks) Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv prevents Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 (Hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2 (Respiratory Disease), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus (at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks) FLEAS Capstar treatment MICROCHIP Prepaid lifetime Microchip *COUPON FOR YOUR FREE FIRST VET EXAM *FREE 30 DAY PET INSURANCE through Trupanion SHIPPING AVAILABLE-
Breed: Bloodhound
Date of birth: 04/06/2023
Gender: Male
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Black
Cost includes shipping: No



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