FALL BACK PRICE, NOW. $1,500.00 DOWN TO $1,000.00 !!! You can always reach me quicker by calling me directly on my landline # 716-297-9059. Because of solicitors there is call screening on my phone. When you call, it will ask who is calling and then that will come through on my phone for me to answer. If I am not at the phone when you call, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I receive your message. Breed: ( SHICHON ) Hypoallergenic and Non Shedding Also known as, Teddy Bears Gender Available: 2 MALES (Brown/tri 3 lb) & ( White 3 lb) D.O.B.: 02/17/2023 Vet Checked: 04/10/2023 Up to date with Distemper Vaccinations and Worming. If you would like more information please feel free to visit my home site at www.klinekennels.com or call me at my home tel. landline # 716-297-9050. Your puppy will always leave with a puppy pack of gifts. All puppies are well socialized with other puppies and adults and loved unconditionally everyday. Thank you, Robin Casillo (Reg. # PD00603) Registered Breeder/24 Years
Breed: Shichon
Date of birth: 02/17/2023
Gender: Female
Coat colors: Apricot, Black, Brown
Shipping: Pick-up Only
Cost includes shipping: No
Niagara Falls,


Niagara Falls,

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