Trained English Labrador

All About Me! Please read carefully before inquiring. A little about us… We breed English Labradors. Our dogs are at their best as companions. We have spent 18 years to get our dogs to produce healthy, calm and easy to train offspring. We are at the polar end of the spectrum compared to most breeders when it comes to breeding dogs, & in our philosophy. We believe that each & every one of our dogs that produce wonderful puppies & eventually wonderful dogs deserve to have a part in our everyday family life. Every dog is a part of my entire family’s everyday activities for their entire life. We do not believe in kennel or barn breeding. For this reason, we have a limited amount of litters. Yes, it's extra work, but as breeders in this day & age with a conscience- we sleep better at night. Our pups must be spayed or neutered per our contract. As always, all of our litters are raised in our home around our 3 children & all of our other dogs to socialize properly before they go to their forever homes. They are started on paper training & kennel training before they leave as well. We are accepting deposits as of now. Deposits are $200, and are refundable only if we do not produce the color & sex that you have reserved. We expect chocolates, yellows, fox reds, whites & blacks in our litters. A limited amount of deposits will be taken. We take it very seriously where each of our dogs end up, so with that said we would appreciate phone calls instead of emails or texts. I can be reached day or night at 608-772-6117; ask for James. Please leave a message if I can't get to the phone, & let me know the best time to reach you. We do hand deliver to any of the lower 48 states. Our delivery method is simple & safe . The cost of delivery is included in the price above. We will not fly any puppies in the bottom of an airplane via cargo. This is the process: $1500 is paid via PayPal. I purchase a flight to your closest international airport. I personally take the puppies in the cabin of the plane & buy them a seat to sit with me for duration of the flight. I then meet you in baggage claim where the puppy, paperwork, & money for the puppy is exchanged. Very simple & safe for both the puppy & both parties of the transaction. I have flown Puppies from coast to coast. Please read the rest of my post & remember please call if you’re interested.
Date of birth: 08/27/2022
Gender: Male
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Black
Cost includes shipping: No



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