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We know finding the perfect puppy can be exhausting...

Puppy Paw Network provides you with a Network of Breeders for an easy and efficient way for YOU to look for & select the perfect breeder and the perfect puppy for your family.

Which type of Breeder is best for you?

Dog Breeders, regardless of the breed differ from each other in many ways: How do you know which breeder is best? So you have decided to open your home to a new puppy. Breeders are normally individuals whose job it is to mate two dogs, care for the pregnant mothers, help them whelp, raise the puppies and then sell them. Beyond that simple definition, there is a wide range of diversity in the dog breeders world, with the differences resting in the quality and quantity of care provided for the mother, father, and puppies. Some are highly ethical, others whose values are very questionable and those whose morals are somewhere between the two extremes. There are basically four types of breeders but even within these four categories quality can vary greatly. I have divided breeders into four separate categories.  The four types of dog breeders. Commercial Breeders licensed by U.S.D.A. and State. Hobby Breeder, Show Breeder and Professional non-show breeder.

Do your research on the Breeder to make sure they are the right Breeder type for you!

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