Meet Teri & Ashley, they are Two Owners and Operators of their own outstanding Kennels with over 18+ year of breeder experience.  They are both Licensed Professional Dog Breeders who take great pride in raising healthy, happy puppies for their customers. After having continuous disappointing and frustrating experiences with other puppy sites.  Together they decided it was time for a better, more user friendly Marketplace and network for dog breeders to list and connect with their new puppy families.

That’s when the journey began, they have created a network for breeders nationwide to list their puppies for sale.  This platform helps consumers connect with breeders to find a puppy in the easiest way possible. Thus, we give you Puppy Paw Network.

We know finding the perfect puppy can be exhausting…

Puppy Paw Network provides you with a Network of Breeders for an easy and efficient way for You to look for & select the perfect puppy for your family. Follow the steps below.

If you are looking for a puppy

  1. Select “Find a Pup” from the menu bar above in the green
  2. If you know the dog breed, just type it into the “Search by Puppy” box.   Alternatively, you may browse breeds listed alphabetically.
  3. When you find a breed that interests you, search for the breed and you will scroll down and see the puppies available under the Breed Description.
  4. When you find the perfect puppy, select “view puppy” then it will take you to that specific puppy and everything that puppy comes with.
  5. From there you can click on the Telephone number or email button to contact the breeder for more information.

If you are selling a puppy

  1. Select the Register button in the Green menu bar above. Note: your information will never be sold or rented to any third party.
  2. Once you have set up your account it will take you to your Dashboard then you are able to ADD a listing. You can click “List a Pup” in the Green Menu Bar at the Top. Then it will direct you to a screen to enter your puppies information.
  3. Complete the short form and  upload digital photos of your puppy. If your picture is sideways it will show up sideways. Please make sure to upload your picture correctly. Your listing, including contact details, will be instantly available for potential buyers to browse.
  • Listings are FREE through October 1st, 2019
  • $20/month listings

Want to make changes to your listing?

  1. Log in in with your user name and password. If you’ve forgotten this information, simply contact Customer Support for assistance.
    Select “My puppies” in your dashboard click edit on the puppy you wish to change and make any necessary changes.
  2. Contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. We strive to answer all inquiries within two business days.
  3. You can chat with us on our Online Customer Support Chat or Email us as puppypaw@puppypawnetwork.com
  • All puppies sold must be 8 weeks Or older before leaving to go to their new home
  • You must contact BREEDERS for information about a puppy not PUPPY PAW NETWORK. All transactions are held between consumer and breeder.

Helpful Tips on Listing Your Puppy

  1. Post more than 1 picture of your puppy
  2.  Post different angles of your puppy so the consumer can see the coloring and markings of your puppy.
  3.  Try to take pictures from a camera vs your cell phone ( better quality images and that’s what sells your puppies)
  4.  Make sure to use our image editor to Crop or Rotate your pictures to fit and look nice and upwards for consumers to see your pictures.
  5.  Make sure to put a good description of your puppy and make sure to put as much information about you and your puppy to make sure you consumer feels comfortable.
  6.  Make sure to post a name for your puppy.