What is
Puppy Paw Network?

Puppy Paw Network is a network of nationwide breeders helping people and puppies unite. We understand the challenges breeders face when trying to market quality puppies online. Our goal is simple- we are here to help breeders more easily connect with a qualified pool of puppy buyers that are actively looking for their next pet.

Puppy Paw Network has hundreds of different dog breeds available from across the nation. Our network consists of hundreds of breeders who are actively sharing their available puppies. Our network offers an easy-to-use method to help you find your next puppy.

Our marketing efforts bring thousands of buyers to our site every month that are looking for puppies. We continue to improve and enhance our online presence to help connect more and more breeders and buyers.

About Teri & Ashley

About the Founders of Puppy Paw Network – Meet Teri and Ashley

“After continually having disappointing and frustrating experiences with other puppy sites, together we decided it was time for a better, more user-friendly marketplace for breeders. Breeders needed a better way to list and connect with their new puppy families. That’s when we created Puppy Paw Network. With the help of our outstanding team, we’ve created this nationwide platform to help breeders connect with consumers. We want to help consumers find their perfect puppy in the easiest way possible. Thus, we give you Puppy Paw Network. “
– Teri & Ashley

Teri & Ashley are the two owners and operators of Puppy Paw Network. They have both operated their own kennels for nearly 25 years combined. They are both licensed professional breeders who take great pride in raising healthy, happy puppies for their customers.

Teri has raised quality puppies for over 18 years. Ashley has been raising quality puppies for over 6 years. Ashley was previously the owner of a daycare when she decided it was time to pursue her other dream of raising beautiful puppies. Ashley & Teri are longtime friends and are happy to have created Puppy Paw Network together.

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