Puppy paw network is amazing! They are really good about helping you find the perfect puppy to bring home! I love how easy it is to navigate their website find the right fit to bring home. 🙂 

Haylie Day


Puppy Paw Network helped me find my Girl Lady she is a goldendoodle! The site was easy to use and has a lot of great breeders to choose from! I would highly recommend using this site for anyone looking to find a new puppy! 

Whitney Lawson 


I am a Breeder and as a Breeder we are always looking for new avenues to list our puppies to help them find their new families. Puppy Paw Network has been exceptional to work with, the site is very simple to use and they answer any questions I have promptly. Thanks

Amy C. 


At first I was skeptical to use the site as we all know there has been so many sites like this that I’ve wasted my money trying to list my puppies on. But when I started using Puppy Paw Network and listing my puppies after about 3-4 weeks of listing I had sold the 3 puppies I had listed! For a newly launched website that is pretty good! They are great at answering any questions you may have even on weekends they are there to help! I’m really excited to see what the future brings with Puppy Paw Network 

Tammy P. 


Puppy Paw is great at answering questions, they also will help you look for a puppy if you can’t find one you’re looking for! Thanks Puppy Paw Network! 

Caren Hilliard


I highly recommend puppy paw network. If your looking for your next fur baby puppy paw network has you covered. You can find local reputable breeders in your area. Their website is very easy to navigate. They take pride in their breeders and customers.

Randi M Kpati


Highly recommend Puppy Paw NetWork. Very friendly and helpful service for finding the fur baby just for you!

Melissa Schultz


What a great place to find your new best friend. Lots of great breeders that are real people. Answers all of your questions about the puppies, and makes sure the puppy is the right fit for your family. Highly recommend this site.

Jamie Tracy