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Preparing for a new puppy

Not sure where to start when preparing for a new puppy? Need some guidance? We have come up with a guide of what to consider

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How to find the right pet sitter?

Finding the perfect pet sitter doesn’t have to cause stress! Going on a vacation or even to work can be more relaxing when you know

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Does My Dog Bark Too Much?

Why does my dog bark?   Understanding why your dog is barking can be the first key to helping solve the problem. It is very

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Dog Proofing For The Holidays

We all love decorating for one of the biggest holidays of the year, who knew that your dog’s safety could be at risk by doing

Dog Shampoo

To Wash or Not to Wash?

When it comes to scrub-a-dub-dub time with your furry-friend, choosing the right shampoo is important.   The basics of shopping for dog shampoo There are

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Keeping your dog warm this winter

As winter is approaching and temperatures are starting to cool down daily, one question that may be on your mind is, what coat should I



Taking a trip and want to take your dog? Traveling with your dog can be a great experience for you and your pet, but there

Dog Food

Dog Food

First of all, there are a lot of decisions to make when choosing food for your dog and a myriad of options out there. What brand of dog food should I get? Should I feed Grain-Free food to my dog or not? How much food should I feed my dog? How often should I feed my dog? These are all good questions, and our experience tells us there isn’t ever a perfect answer for them. However, below are some helpful tips.