How To Help Reduce Pet Shedding In Your Home

Tired of seeing those clumps of hair floating around your house?

I’m a breeder of Golden Retrievers – how to help reduce pet shedding is one of the most common concerns of my customers. When owning a 100lb, double-coated Golden Retriever, it can be frustrating with all of the hair that I find daily. I can totally relate to the feeling of pet shedding taking over your home. First of all, why do our dogs shed?  Secondly, what can we do to help reduce the mess of dog hair? Thirdly, when should we be concerned that there might be an underlying problem?


What causes pet shedding?

Shedding hair is normal for puppies and dogs. Nevertheless, almost all dogs and puppies will shed, however, there are a select few breeds that can be low-to-no shed. For example, the Chinese Crested does not shed at all and the Clumber Spaniel sheds a lot year-round. Shedding is the most common in the spring due to their heavy winter coats. Shedding happens two times per year in most breeds – dogs need to shed out the old hair to bring in their new hair growth. (So, it’s like a winter coat for us in the cold months and a swimsuit in the warm months.)


 Ways to help reduce pet shedding

  1. Brushing your dog’s hair two-three times daily will definitely help reduce the excess hair.
  2. Regular grooming will also help reduce any unwanted loose hair and keep the shedding down
  3.  A well-balanced, quality food with vitamins can also help cut down all that unwanted hair.


 What is too much shedding?

Although seeing less shedding in your dog may seem great, however, it may not always be correct. If you happen to see bald spots or missing patches of hair on your dog, it could indicate hot spots or allergies. Contact your veterinarian right away as it could be an allergic reaction to food, environmental triggers, flea bites, or mange.

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This article was written by Ashely Foglesong and Teresa Campbell, professional breeders.