Puppy Training got you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of training your adorable furball? Puppy Training can seem very overwhelming. You’re asking yourself “Where do I start?” What treats should I use?” Am I making the right training choices?” So, Let’s dive into the world of puppy training and share Paw-some tips to help you and your pup succeed. From basic commands to house training, we’ve got you covered. 


Picture this: You bring home your adorable bundle of fur, all excited and ready to start this amazing journey together. But then you realize…your puppy has no idea how to sit! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! When I first brought home my Cockapoo, I was a nervous wreck, I got very overwhelmed with training and how am I going to get him to sit and stay? Is he going to be a quick learner? I wasn’t sure what treats to use or if I was giving him too many treats. I was frantic with what to do and where to start. So, I sat down and decided we will just start with a few of the basic commands such as Sit, Stay, & Come Here. I mean we all see those really obedient dogs that our friends have and go “Man, I hope my dog listens and is that well trained!” I knew then that is how I wanted my puppy to be! So, I began with finding some soft training treats, I mean they are puppies after all with baby teeth. After a few days of adjusting to his new home I decided to start training him. I started with what I thought was the easiest for him to learn and that was “Sit”. So, I took our Lil Jaks Training Treats and took one in front of his nose so he could smell it and slowly moved it upwards and held it there for a few seconds and said “Sit” he slowly sat down. So, I thought “Well that was too easy!” So, I continued that process with about 3-4 treats. Then over the next few days I continued the same process. Once he realized a treat followed that he was quick to immediately sit! Then once he got the hang of it, I started just pretending I had a treat in my hand, and he would just automatically start to sit. So after about 7 days or so he had that down pretty well. I knew it was time to start with Stay and Come Here. With those commands they were a little trickier. I just put my hand flat in front of his nose and told him to “Stay” every time he would get up, I just repeated that process. After about 3-4 days he would stay…for about 1 min or 2 then he would get distracted. But I continued that process for about 2-3 weeks until I could get to the point where he would stay while I walked out of the room for a few minutes. When I would come back, I would tell him “Good Boy” and give him a treat. He caught on pretty quickly! Same with “Come Here” that one was pretty easy as long as you had love to give him or a treat he would come whenever you asked. 

So, grab those treats, put on your patient pants, and be ready for a very rewarding training journey with your pup! Trust me, seeing that adorable little pup sit on command is a moment that’ll make your heart melt. Below I’ve included a link to some puppy training tips that we have found to be very useful! 

Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Cues (akc.org)


Ah, the joys of house training! I’ve been there, my friend. The key is consistency and patience. Establish a routine for potty breaks, take your pup outside frequently, and praise them when they do their business in the right spot. So, when training my Cockapoo puppy, I took him out about every hour when I was home. If I saw him sniffing around, I automatically would say “Need to go outside and go potty” of course he would look at me like I have no Idea what you’re saying lady!” I still would pick him or even try to coax him outside to the yard. I got my cockapoo in June, so the weather was pretty warm, and of course like all puppies they love to play outside. He would play outside for 20-30 mins at first then go back inside and go to the bathroom. I didn’t quite understand why he was doing this. So, after a day or so I thought well maybe he is spending too much time outside. So, I started shortening his time outside to 10-15 mins. If he didn’t go, I would bring him back inside, wait about 30 mins and take him back out, then he went to the bathroom. As soon as he was done, I gave him praise and brought him right back in and started playing with him! Over the course of the next couple weeks, I continued just that, 10-15 mins outside if he did nothing, I would wait a little bit and take him back out again. Then just like that he started doing his business every time we went outside. As he got to be 3 months old, I quit letting him out as often I would only let him out every 2-3 hours then 3-4 hours and so on and so forth. He eventually learned that if he needed to go potty, he would go sit by the door or come get me to let him out. This taught him to hold his bladder a little bit each time. I mean, he would have an accident on occasion, but it was rare and only if I was really preoccupied with something and didn’t happen to catch him at the door. He really caught on quickly, I was pretty amazed at how easy it seemed. We just made sure to always pay attention to him and give him lots of reinforcement and praise when he did something good! Check out the link from Chewy for some more tips and essentials needed for fast potty training. 

How to Potty Train A Dog in 7 Days | BeChewy

Potty training and Basic Commands are the building blocks of well-behaved and happy puppies. Remember, consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are the keys to success. Celebrate every small victory along the way, and soon you’ll have an amazing companion who knows how to sit, stay, and potty like a pro! So, keep up the great work and stay tuned for more paw-some tips on our puppy owner blog!