To Wash or Not to Wash?

When it comes to scrub-a-dub-dub time with your furry-friend, choosing the right shampoo is important.


The basics of shopping for dog shampoo

There are some things you need to consider when shopping for a shampoo for your dog or puppy. First of all, do not use human shampoo – only use shampoo for dogs. I know it doesn’t seem like it could do much harm, but it can cause dry skin and cause irritation to your dog’s coat. Secondly, be sure to choose the correct type of shampoo for your dog’s skin. Thirdly, consider what type of coat your dog has. Those are all key factors in shopping for the best shampoo for your pooch.


Considering your dog’s coat

There are so many different dog breeds that exist and they all have different coat types. Choosing the right shampoo that fits your dog’s coat type is very important. If your dog’s hair is thin and tangles easily, then you need a detangling shampoo. If your dog’s coat is white and gets stained easily then buying a whitening shampoo would suit them best. Some dogs have excess shedding and there are even de-shedding shampoos for that. Be sure to do some research on shampoos before rushing into one for your puppy or dog. Most dog shampoos are just fine for puppies but a great puppy shampoo is Espree – you can use it up to 6 months of age.


Buying a quality brand of shampoo

When buying shampoo, purchasing the cheapest brand isn’t always the smartest choice. Something to keep in mind, dog shampoo lasts a lot longer than human shampoo, regardless of how often you bathe your dog. You need to find a quality dog shampoo that fits your dog’s needs and meets your budget. Buying a quality shampoo can also play a key role in your dog’s coat health and skin health. Using a good quality shampoo can also mean bathing your dog or puppy less often, many cheaper shampoos require bathing more frequently.

If you can’t decide which shampoo to use, talk to your veterinarian, especially regarding your dog’s coat and skin type. Some people choose shampoo by smell, we all love a good smelling dog shampoo, but remember to be considerate of your dog’s coat type. A great example of this are Great Danes with short fine hair, Pet Head De-shed is a great option because it helps with their shedding hair, makes their coat soft and smooth, and also keeps them smelling great for days. You can get Pet Head at any PetSmart, Petco or even


This article was written by Ashley Foglesong & Teresa Campbell, Professional Breeders