Does My Dog Bark Too Much?

Why does my dog bark?


Understanding why your dog is barking can be the first key to helping solve the problem.

It is very common for dogs to bark, but it can sometimes become a huge problem and inconvenience if it becomes excessive. Barking is a dog’s way of communicating. By nature, dogs are a pack animal, so when they bark, they are communicating to their pack (meaning their humans, or other dogs). Your dog might be barking to alert danger, something is coming, or something is out of the normal. 


But why does my dog bark so much?

It seems like dogs in the wild do not bark as much as domesticated dogs, why is that?

Dogs tend to bark a lot when they are bored. Some dogs also have a high energy level which can cause more barking and often, dogs can be frustrated which can also cause excessive barking. So, understanding why your dog is barking, learning how to control it ,along with meeting your dogs needs will help keep the barking to a minimum.


Can I stop the barking?

Yes, this can be done relatively easy. You must have commitment and patience. It begins with you correcting the excessive barking when it happens. Sometimes it could be as simple as “Shh…”, maybe a gentle touch, or saying “NO.” You must always be consistent and correct them when they do bark. If you don’t correct them every time, they will not take you seriously. It is important to always stay calm when correcting your beloved pooch. If your’e excited, tense, or nervous, your dog will sense it and not listen as well.

If the barking is always at a specific thing, when someone comes over or when you try to take away a treat or food, you must show them who is the pack leader. If they think they are the pack leader, they will take control and bark for commands and communication. You, the human must take control and correct/challenge their dominance in order to control the barking.

If you want to control your dog’s excessive barking you need to first find out why they are barking, and learn how to become the pack leader. Remember, stay calm, confident & consistent and it will pay off in the end!


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This article was written by Ashley Foglesong & Teresa Campbell, Professional Breeders