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Approximate maturity size 45 lbs. He will have a low drive. He will be intelligent, obedient, loving, and sweet. He will excel in obedience, service, therapy and agility. He will love all outdoor activities, walks, runs, hiking, boating, camping and games. He will love everything outdoors and will excel at it, but his greatest love will be his family, and he will be extremely compassionate and caring with them. He will be great with other animals and all people, be very social, and the kind of dog that you can take anywhere. He will have a very genuine, kind heart. And already does! ? He is 2 years of age, fully up to date on vaccinations, neutered, leashed trained, knows many commands, and fully crate trained. Archie is a very tender-hearted boy, compassionate, loving, yet intelligent and fun. He is social and not passive, but not overly dominant either. He loves new things but is sensitive to direction and is excellent with children and other animals. He is so very well versatile and just has all those perfect Aussie characteristics wrapped up in one. My family loves him very much and we are looking for a very special home to make him happy. Double registered with AKC and ASCA.
Date of birth: 10/29/2021
Gender: Male
Generation: Purebred
Coat colors: Red, White, Cream
Cost includes shipping: No


Licensing: Non-Licensed

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