Gretel – Blue Merle Toy Aussie Female

Generation: Purebred
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 5, 2019
Price: $1250.00

Extra: Champion Bloodlines, Champion Sired, Show Potential
Include: Current Vaccinations, Health Certificate, Veterinarian Exam, Genetic Testing, Health Guarantee, Pedigree, Registerable
Shipping: Air Nanny



About the breeder: A little about me. My husband Stephen and I live outside of Owensboro, Kentucky on approximately fifteen acres. Our first Miniature Australian Shepherd was named Marlow and my Kennel name is a combination of Marlow and my last name Winston. When I purchased my first Aussie I had no intention of becoming a breeder. That quickly changed when I fell in love with all the aspects of the Miniature Australian Shepherds and the Toy Australian Shepherds. Aussies are like potato chips and you cannot stop at one. I am not a big breeder but I do take the health and care of my Aussies very seriously. Our breeding adults are all tested for PRA-PRCD, MDR1, HC, DM and CEA-CH. I have preliminary checks of patellas and at two years we have OFA testing done on hips and elbows on our mini australian shepherds. There are a lot of different opinions on testing, these are the ones that I test for. If you are interested in a purchasing a puppy and want another type of test done, please contact me and we can talk about the options. I truly believe that you cannot find a more loyal and loving companion than a mini aussie or toy aussie. That being said, I would love to have you take a look at the mini aussies and toy aussies that are a part of my family. In addition to the mini aussies and toy Aussies that we own, we also own the new AKC Breed Miniature American Shepherd. For more information on the new breed, please click on our tab Miniature American Shepherd above. If you have any questions about anything on my site or my mini aussies or toy aussies, please feel free to email me or give me a call. We take pride in being among the top toy Australian shepherd breeders in the country. So what exactly is a "Toy Aussie". Our Toy Aussies are registered with America Stock Dog Registry "ASDR" and a toy aussie should be a smaller representation of an australian shepherd. The breed standard for both is very similar. A toy aussie should be between 10" to 14" at the shoulder to be registered and shown as a Toy Australian Shepherd. So an ASDR Registered Toy Australian Shepherd can be shown with ASDR, MTACK, IABCA, ICE and ICKC show venues. Toy and Mini Aussies are exceptionally loyal. The kind and loving nature of the Aussies makes them perfect for any home with children when raised with children. Each of our toy and mini aussies are special to us. Above all they are our family pets. And yes, sometimes we have quite a few. I am blessed to be able to take my aussies to work with me, so from a young age they are socialized with all types of sounds and experiences. Our toy aussie puppies and mini aussie puppies come to you pre spoiled and ready to take on the world. We occasionally have puppies for sale and would love to talk to you about them. If you’d like to discuss our Teacup, Toy or Miniature Aussies and their temperaments, please don’t hesitate to call me. We’d love to answer any question you may have about our pups and their parents--our own babies! We adore this breed, and we are utterly smitten with each and every one of our dogs. TASAA - Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America MASCA - Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America ASDR - American Stock Dog Registry

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