video as you can see in video this one is more laid back reserved one, then the other two. We have been raising whippets for 20 years. Sold many by word of mouth. repeat buyers. newspaper ads. In mag etc. Just in the last few years started to put listing under these sites. Dewclaws cut. Puppies wormed for and should be free of immature and mature roundworms as well as hookworm's whipworms tapeworm's intestinal flukes and the protozoa Giardia. Puppies have had their puppy shots to protect against Distemper Adenovirus-2 Parvovirus Influenza Coronavirus and Bordetella etc. This litter should be on the smaller side, more refine for whippet. The European type not the bigger American type. This girl looks to be one of the smaller ones. Our puppies are well socialized with many other animals etc around. Played with every day and around our daily activities. We are not big breeders or a kennel not our jobs. We raise a few litters a year for the enjoyment and to keep a puppy out of are loved pets. Ours have great pedigrees with some champions. Some have agility coursing etc ones in pedigree. Some puppies have sold in past have gone on to show, agility, duck diving, lure coursing etc. Ours are wonderful pets first and foremost and that is what we mainly sell for. We try to match each puppy with the best home so when you call, text, email, please tell us a little about yourself. What you are wanting puppy for and looking for in a puppy. And please ask questions as this lifelong pet that might be with you for 12 plus years. We have had some of the oldest whippets around so ours seem to have good long-life spans. We want to make this transaction a pleasant and safe one with a happy outcome. Can drive a little to make less of a drive on you. Can ship by airplane or car. Shipping is extra. 918-842-0073 please call text email. We will hold a puppy for you for one week without a deposit for you to drive to pick up. If puppy is to be shipped, we ask for a $300 deposit which will go to pups' price to start making the arrangement for the trip etc. Deposit is nonrefundable. PayPal is a fast & safe way to pay if puppy is being shipped. If ship by plane, we give you booking number etc. You get text and pictures at airport etc. If being ground transport, you get to talk to the driver & pictures of pickup and along the way. So, at all times you will know where your puppy is. Pups' papers will show their pedigree, showing name of mom and dad. Show quality of each puppy is personal opinion and not saying each puppy is show quality & not selling every pup for show dog. She has had a vet exam where the puppy will be checked all over (Check heart, feel of bones, teeth etc) She will come with health paper. This girl will do better in a calm quite home with older people as she loves being a lap puppy and not much for active lifestyle etc. can tell you more if interested.
Breed: Whippet
Date of birth: 12/12/2021
Gender: Female
Generation: Purebred
Shipping: Delivery, Ground
Cost includes shipping: No


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