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To Wash or Not to Wash?

When it comes to scrub-a-dub-dub time with your furry-friend, choosing the right shampoo is important.   The basics of shopping for dog shampoo There are some things you need to consider when shopping for a shampoo for your dog or puppy. First of all, do not use human shampoo – only use shampoo for dogs. I know it doesn’t seem…

Keeping your dog warm this winter

As winter is approaching and temperatures are starting to cool down daily, one question that may be on your mind is, what coat should I get my dog?   Breeds of dogs that would need a winter coat There are many dog breeds out there that don’t necessarily need a winter coat. Breeds such as Siberian Husky, Golden Retrievers, and…

How To Help Reduce Pet Shedding In Your Home

Tired of seeing those clumps of hair floating around your house? I’m a breeder of Golden Retrievers – how to help reduce pet shedding is one of the most common concerns of my customers. When owning a 100lb, double-coated Golden Retriever, it can be frustrating with all of the hair that I find daily. I can totally relate to the…

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